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Building The Smart Grid

Promise, Challenge and Transformation

“Smart grid will enable choices and control by everyone on the grid, from power plant
to consumer, so that the grid can become a more dynamic, balanced system.”

Katherine Hamilton, President, GridWise Alliance

Smart Grid Benefits

Investment and Other Challenges

“From an operational perspective, power utilities must have the ability to look at their service
from end to end, right down to intelligent devices at the end points. So we're working with them
to deploy always-on dynamic communication solutions that will help them achieve superior
power delivery and quality, improved operational efficiency and the ability to readily
integrate renewable energy sources while empowering consumers.”

Kamal Ballout, Vice President, Alcatel-Lucent Energy System Integration Division

Smart meters, which enable two-way communications between power companies and consumers, are an essential component of the smart grid.

Smart Grid Is Happening Now

Industry and Governments: Looking Ahead

ECCO2: Leveraging the Smart Grid Further

“More alignment between key stakeholders in a complex ecosystem like the
energy industry is critical to move us toward effective policy and standards.”

Guido Bartels, Chairperson, The Global Smart Grid Federation, Former Chairman, GridWise Alliance

Innovation, Collaboration, Audacity


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