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Wealth Management in Asia

Asian Currency Plays

“Clients ask, ‘Why should I take on risk with a foreign currency when Asian currencies
appear to be more stable and offer more long-term appreciation?’ Clients are
definitely looking more toward multiple Asian currency products than in the past.”

Hanspeter Brunner, Chief Executive Officer, BSI Bank Asia

Betting on the Renminbi

“We’re all experiencing history in some ways. China will have a major world currency,
along with the U.S. dollar, euro and yen. We are in the beginning phase of
China’s internationalization and development into a major reserve currency.”

Kenneth Ho, Head of Products for Asia Pacific, Julius Baer

Meeting Demand

Developed and Emerging Market GDPs, 1950–2050

Renminbi drives China to the top

China was once the world’s largest economy before 1890, and financial experts predict it will again soon reclaim that position—perhaps by 2015—outranking even the U.S. In the midst of a global economic recovery, China’s growth will not be stunted. The chart above shows the country pulling ahead of other worldwide developed and emerging markets, with an estimated GDP over US$70 billion by 2050. The strength of the RMB will be a primary driving factor.

Source: Data from World Bank and “The World in 2050,” PricewaterhouseCoopers 2008; updates from John Hawksworth and Gordon Cookson; authors’ analysis

Creating a Market

Islamic Finance Industry Expanding in Asia

“Islamic finance is considered safer because it offers a more equitable distribution of wealth.
There’s a balance in terms of profit that we are building, so it’s a win-win for both parties.”

Azahari Kamil, Chief Executive Officer, Asian Finance Bank

Charitable Acts

“There are a lot of baby boomers; some 10,000 people are turning 60 each day. These are
people who have achieved significant wealth and are now thinking about their legacies.”

Cynthia D’Anjou-Brown, Senior Advisor for Philanthropy and Governance, HSBC Private Bank

Finding a Good Cause

Appreciating Assets


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