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Business as Usual at 30,000 Feet

“[Business aviation] puts you back in control. It means
you can go when and where you need to with the utmost
efficiency. You can meet eye to eye, and that builds trust.”

Marc Miller, Aviation Manager, Texas-based retailer

Fractional Ownership and Jet Cards:
On Ramp To Business Opportunity

“The flexibility of having our own plane enables us to go whenever we need on short notice,
meet customers, deal with bankers or investigate potential opportunities.”

Bernt Bodal, Chairman and CEO, American Seafoods Inc.


“Those guys sitting on that airliner are basically wasting time. If we did not have the plane,
our sales probably would have been 10% lower than they are today.”

Tom Klein, President, Klein Tools


FLIGHT LOG >> Domaine Serene Vineyards


“The real value of business aviation is that it’s very much
a tool that forces efficiencies and generates productivity.”

Ed Bolen, President and CEO, National Business Aviation Association

FLIGHT LOG >> VideoPropulsion Interactive Television, Inc.


“In any type of financial turmoil, opportunities emerge, and that’s when companies
with vision, foresight and agility can change their fortunes dramatically for the better.”

Fred Reid, CEO, Flexjet

FLIGHT LOG >> A Retired Oil and Gas Company Executive

Prepare for Takeoff

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