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Fractional Ownership and Jet Cards

“Today in business, speed is life. You’ve got to have
access to information and have the ability to respond quickly.
That’s what business aviation does, and the revolution in
connectivity will do even more.”

Clayton Jones, Chairman, Rockwell Collins


FLIGHT LOG >> Helen of Troy, Ltd.


FLIGHT LOG >> A Dallas Investment Firm




FLIGHT LOG >> Equis Group

The Small Jet Evolution

“You know, operating a business jet is not always a pure dollar decision. The toll
commercial airline travel takes on our employees and customers — just the hassle of it
and the time — makes owning a plane like this an absolute necessity.”

Roger Hannay, President, Hannay Reels

“When executives say ‘Look, we’re saving money — we got rid of the airplane,’
they don’t tell how much they’re losing by getting rid of the airplane.”

Bernie Ecclestone, Chief Executive Officer, Formula One Group

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