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Outsourcing Aircraft Management

“These business aircraft really are giving companies of all sizes a competitive advantage …
people realize they can be more competitive and operate their businesses more efficiently with these airplanes. Even smaller companies are truly seeing the benefit, and it’s really picking up the pace.”

Jim Schuster, Chief Executive Officer, Hawker Beechcraft

In Search of Value

“There’s no question that with globalization, the need to travel greater distances in less time
is clearly driving the international demand for long-range business aircraft.”

Dan Tyburski, Managing Director, Wachovia Equipment Finance

From Good Buy to Good-Bye:
The Exit Strategy

“So much business communication today is done through e-mail or conference calls
that the high-touch capability of inviting somebody to come on a plane with you and being able
to sit there face-to-face ends up creating a much more effective personal relationship.”

Sean Leder, Chief Executive Officer, Florida-Based Real Estate Investment Firm

Prepare for Takeoff

“More people are getting a taste of [the private flying experience] and realizing
the increased success they can achieve by getting to more meetings,
getting more done during the day and still tucking their kids in at night.”

Robert Dranitzke, Director of Marketing, NetJets Europe

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